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"From the plains of the Savanna, to towering cityscapes, our species has used the power of story to shape civilization. Fables of valor, propagandistic untruths, and all communication in between…

story ignites imagination, impacts growth, and consistently calls upon our critical thinking. My life is dedicated to creating stories with consistent purpose and unwavering vigor that target one objective: to make me feel alive." 

- David Cone


David Cone is an American film director with a plethora of national commercials, documentaries, and narrative works to his credit. He was born in Greenville, North Carolina to college professors, Carl & Diana Cone, and raised outside of Savannah, Georgia.

After completing a four-year football career at the University of Michigan in 2010, David, forever inspired by films, novels, and music, moved to Atlanta, and pursued a career in filmmaking. He has written, directed and produced content for institutions such as the Smithsonian, Powerade, Adobe, Google, The Coca-Cola Company, the PGA of America, the Atlanta Falcons, Bleacher Report, Ford, Buckhead Life, among others.

David Cone
Based in the USA

PGA of America's 2016: Centennial Campaign (Director/Producer) ​

Atlanta Falcons 2016: In-Stadium Hype Film (Director/Producer) ​

Coca-Cola Company's Customer Program Campaign: Kenny The Jet's Tip-off Tips (Director/Producer)

Smithsonian Institution's: People - Passion - Purpose Campaign (Co-director/Producer)

PGA of America: Charlie Sifford's Presidential Medal of Freedom Tribute ​

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